Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most frequent questions about exercising options, but if you need more help, you can contact support team at


What is Vested?

Our mission is to empower startup employees to participate in the success of the companies they helped build. While receiving stock options can be a life-changing financial opportunity, many people just can’t afford to pay the exercise cost and associated taxes. That’s where Vested comes in.

Ok, so how does it work?

We help employees get their exercise costs and associated taxes covered, in exchange for a portion of the shares exercised. This way, people can finally own what’s rightfully theirs while getting fair and transparent terms.

How do I know how many shares I keep as part of a funding deal?

You’ll see a preliminary number as soon as you submit your funding proposal, and you’ll know the exact number after discussing your funding proposal with the Vested team.

Are there any annual fees?


Interest payments?


So it’s not a loan?

Not at all.

How is Vested different from other option funding companies?

Unlike marketplace solutions and liquidity loan solutions, Vested supports the option funding of employees from thousands of startups instead of the usual 100 or so. While other solutions typically want “big” deals, Vested works with option exercise funding packages of all sizes. Vested deal terms are also dead simple.

You can see more information on the Why Vested page.

Who can get option exercise funding with Vested?

Primarily, we work with startup employees who have Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) or Non-Qualified Stock Options (NSOs). However, we can also work with those who have Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs), and owned shares.

I am on a tight deadline. How long does it take to get the funding to exercise my options?

Our process is designed to be quick and efficient. After submitting a funding proposal, you can expect to receive an email from us within a day. From there, the ball’s in your court! As long as you provide timely responses to any follow-up questions, we should be able to tell you whether we can move forward and finalize everything within 7-10 days (and sometimes much faster!).

What fees do I pay?

While no money leaves your pocket during an option exercise funded via Vested, there is a 10% placement fee associated with the deal that covers associated transaction, intermediary, and due diligence costs. The fee is netted from your shares and paid by Vested, on your behalf, to Vested Securities, LLC, an affiliated broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. The placement fee increases the number of shares included for your deal but may reduce short-term capital gains, as well as AMT exposure. Please consult your tax advisor for confirmation of your situation.

What happens if my company never has an exit or liquidity event? Do I have to pay Vested back?

Nope! We’re in this together, so if the company doesn’t succeed, neither of us do. (Since our funding isn’t a loan, you are not on the hook if the shares “go to zero.”)

Is Vested regulated by any regulatory agency?

Vested Investment Management, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vested, Inc., is currently an exempt reporting advisor (ERA) under the SEC’s regulatory framework. Vested Securities, LLC, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vested, Inc., is a registered Broker-Dealer with the SEC and is a member of FINRA/SIPC.

Signing Up

How do I create an account? / How do I sign up?

You can create an account by visiting our website and clicking on the “Get Started” button. Follow the flow to complete your profile and start the funding process.

How do I link Carta?

After signing up, you’ll be asked to add grants. You’ll see an option to link your Carta account on your dashboard. Simply click “Link Carta” and follow the instructions to complete the linking process. Click here for instructions.

How can I contact the Vested team if I have questions?

You can contact the Vested team in one of three ways:

Need Help?

Contact our support team at