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Compare the key features of Vested's funding solution with traditional marketplace and liquidity loan solutions to see why Vested is the right choice for your startup equity needs.*

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1,000s of Startups Supported

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Skip the loans and fees
Not a Loan. No Monthly Fees. Transparent Process.

At Vested, we believe in simplicity and transparency. We eliminate the need for expensive loans and monthly service fees by providing cash in exchange for your shares. Our straightforward approach helps you avoid unnecessary costs and complications, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Don’t get stuck in marketplace limbo
Immediate Funding Upon Deal Approval; No Waiting for a Buyer to Appear

Vested stands out by setting up a deal directly with you, significantly shortening the time to execute transactions. Using a marketplace can leave you stranded if a buyer doesn’t materialize; our direct buying approach ensures a smooth and reliable process, providing you with the funds you need when you need them.

Broad range of startups
Vested Serves More Startups

Employees outside of the 100 best-known private tech companies have limited access to funding services. Vested offers comprehensive support to a much broader range of startups and their employees. No matter the size or sector of your company, we’ll do our best to help you unlock the full potential of your equity.

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