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We provide startup employees with funding to exercise their stock options. Take charge of your hard-earned equity!
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Why Startup Employees Struggle with Options

Navigating Startup Equity

Startup equity is a prized possession for employees, yet its mechanics often prove complex. Grasping the subtle details of stock options demands significant time and attention.

The High Stakes of Exercising

A majority of options go unexercised due to the astounding costs involved (including taxes!). Startup equity isn’t easily turned into cash and its value can fluctuate, adding another layer of risk to the decision to exercise.

The Vested Solution: Easy, Transparent, & Fast Funding

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Exercise Made Easy

Build funding proposals for Vested to cover stock option exercise costs with no out-of-pocket costs for you.

Transparent Terms

Enjoy simple funding terms with no interest payments or monthly servicing fees.

Fast Decisions

Get quick decisions on your funding proposals from Vested’s expert team.

Vested's partnership with Carta gets you started fast.

Link your grants in seconds and quickly build an option funding proposal.

Carta + Vested

Get an instant estimate today.

We send you cash. You send us shares later. There is no out-of-pocket expense for you. It's that simple.