Our mission: Making VC investable
We provide the kind of access to returns that was previously reserved for elite institutions. We do this by helping employees keep their hard-earned equity.
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Innovative funds and technology
We make VC investing easy
With a single investment, Vested allows you to gain diversified exposure to the VC asset class
We love innovation
Vested will continue to bring new, curated fund products to market

Commitment to investors and employees
We are here for employees
Our goal is to provide capital to as many employees of top VC-backed companies as possible, who tend to abandon their stock options at rates of 50%+ 1
We broaden access to VC
Vested’s fund structure allows all accredited investors to access diversified VC exposure
Investing across the entire VC asset class requires a distinct mix of skills - skills we have
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Dave Thornton
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
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Tom Hennessey
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Kevin Dinh
Head of Capital Markets
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Emilio Seijo
Principal Quantitative Strategist
Diversified exposure to the VC asset class
Vested Inc.

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