Venture exposure for turbulent times
Diversify across stages and sectors in one investment
Capture VC Growth
Over the past 25 years, no asset class has performed as well as VC.1
Enhance Risk-Adjusted Returns
VC has low correlation to equities and no correlation with bonds.2
VC has been resilient through both economic downturns and rising rates.
U.S. VC Funds’ IRRs by Vintage Year
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Chart source: iCapital. Blog: “Stormy weather an opportune climate for private equity investment”
Chart source: JPMorgan. Blog: “Rising Rates: Managing liquidity through periods of rising interest rates”
Data sources: Bloomberg, Pitchbook, as of May 9, 2022. For illustrative purposes only. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Future results are not guaranteed and any trends depicted or described are not guaranteed to continue.
Vested is VC investing reimagined
Unique diversification
Vested samples the VC asset class across stages and sectors. This broad diversification helps avoid the concentration risk typical of most venture investments.3
Curated for performance
Vested’s proprietary, “big” data analytics combine VC, valuation growth, financing term, company composition, and seller behavior data into a model that could help Vested avoid the “fat tail” of company failures common in most venture funds.
Value investment
By helping employees, Vested acquires common stock near the fair market value. This is a substantial discount to what VCs pay. This positions Vested to seek to significantly outperform median returns from the VC asset class.
See how an allocation to VC could have impacted your portfolio
Simulate the performance of a portfolio with VC-exposure and see how it performs against a traditional 60/40 portfolio or a custom portfolio.
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I'm thrilled to help my clients add venture capital assets to their portfolios in a risk-adjusted manner.
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  1. According to Cambridge Associates, no asset class, including equities and bonds, have performed as well as the US Venture Capital over the past 25 years.
    See Cambridge Associate's Private Investment Benchmarks for US Venture Capital, US Private Equity, and Real Estate reports.
  2. According to Invesco, VC displays correlations of -0.13, -0.13, and -0.06 with aggregate core bond, high yield bond, and large-cap equity indexes, respectively.
    See Invesco's “The Case for Venture Capital” report.
  3. Dave McClure of 500 Startups notes, “[m]ost VC funds are far too concentrated in a small number (<20-40) of companies.”
    See McClure's “99 VC Problems But A Batch Ain't One: Why Portfolio Size Matters For Returns”