Vested is diversified venture
Vested provides diversified exposure to the VC asset class, across all stages and sectors.
Inside Vested
Vested acquires venture equity by helping employees exercise stock options
Over 50% of employee stock options are never exercised.1 Employees generally don’t understand their stock options, and often can’t afford to exercise them.
Vested provides employees funding to exercise their options in exchange for a portion of their shares.
Our technology lets us scale across the VC asset class
We use technology and data science to reach and transact with everyday employees from thousands of VC-backed companies. Other option funding solutions rely on high-touch, manual business models that limit them to doing only large deals in a handful of popular, late-stage companies.
Vested products aim to avoid the common pitfalls of VC investing
  • Concentration Risk: While most VC funds are concentrated in just 20-40 companies, Vested’s last fund had over 200 positions.3,4
  • Inflated Prices: Many VCs pay higher prices because they are competing with each other. By helping employees directly, Vested gets similar exposure at notably lower prices.
  • Deal Flow Access: The best VCs get the best deal flow and thus the best returns.5 If you aren’t investing with a proven, top-tier VC, an index investing approach is an appealing alternative.
Diversified exposure to the VC asset class
Deal Screening
Is the company healthy?
  • Credible VC backing
  • Promising valuation growth
  • No recent and significant negative news
  • No recent and significant investor attrition
Vested considers a ~10,000 company investment universe that meets our criteria.
Is there negative seller behavior?
  • No dumping of stock options
  • Not fleeing a failing company
Vested's employee counterparties want to be shareholders in the companies they are leaving.
Are the deal terms acceptable?
  • Price near the Fair Market Value of common stock
  • Deal size aligned with portfolio needs
Vested buys equity at a substantial discount to the prices paid by VCs in a company’s most recent financing round.
We set concentration limits to ensure our products are properly diversified.
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