“What can I do with my startup stock options?”

You've been at your company for over a year and have some vested stock options.
Now what do you do?

Buy & Hold

High Cost, High Risk, Highest Upside

Pay out-of-pocket for your shares and any taxes incurred, which can be significant.

  • Own your shares outright. Sell later if you want.
  • You pay up-front cost to exercise and potentially pay significant taxes.
  • Risky if share prices drop before IPO.
Lowest Risk

Risk-Free Financing

Low Cost, Low Risk, Limited Upside

Get non-recourse financing to exercise some options and pay the taxes.

  • Cash immediately to exercise and pay taxes.
  • No risk if price goes down before IPO.
  • Giving away some of your upside.

Sell your shares

Low Cost, Low Risk, Current Price

Lock in the current price by selling your stock to an interested buyer.

  • No need to wait for IPO or acquisition.
  • Not all companies are in demand, and not all allow stock sales pre-IPO.
  • Can take several months to get company approval.
Or, you can simply wait and see.

You never have to do anything with your stock options. Really.

Doing nothing with your options can be beneficial. In the best case scenario, you are still employed by the company for an IPO and you're able to lock in your upside without putting money down. Keep in mind that many option grants expire after 10 years.

But, in the more likely scenario, you've left the company (voluntarily or involuntarily) before the IPO. Once you leave, you're in the dreaded 90-day window. Suddenly, your "options" disappear within 90 days. You have to make a quick decision: get risk free financing to buy them, or try to quickly sell your options.

But there's a better way.

Even before your 90-day window, Vested can give you personalized insights for your stock options, real-time monitoring for potential buyers, and negotiation support for your next role. All this for free.

Arm yourself with the best data possible.
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