Instructions for getting your company's Last Round Preferred Price
See below for an email you can send the appropriate party at your company. This person is usually the CFO, the COO, or someone senior in their respective groups:

Hi [Recipient],

I am considering exercising my [Company Name] options and trying to understand the value of the shares I would be purchasing in the exercise.

I know that the board-approved Fair Market Value of the common stock can be higher or lower than one might expect, depending on the board's goals, so I'm hoping to also consider the last round preferred price in making my decision (as laid out here - Could you please share this with me (the price per share of preferred stock in the last fundraising round)?

I assume this is shareable information, because if I were to exercise my options and become a stockholder, my status as a stockholder would confer relevant information rights. Relatedly, I will only use this information to make my exercise decision.



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