Head of Content

Location: Remote


We’re on a mission to empower employees.

Compensation at startups is broken. Almost 80% of employee equity is abandoned, meaning startup employees (about 6 million in the U.S.) are missing out on hundreds of billions of dollars. That’s money they earned that could be changing their lives — enabling them to pay off student loans, buy their first home, or start a family. But that’s not what’s happening. We’re here to fix that.

Why do employees abandon their equity? Two main reasons. First, they don’t really understand what it is and how it works. Second, most employees receive stock options, which need to be “exercised” to purchase real equity (shares); but exercising costs money and has tax consequences, both of which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more. Most people don’t have that kind of money sitting around to invest into a startup. So, they never exercise their stock options, and they lose them. The company and its investors benefit, because that equity goes back into the company, while the employees lose out.

Enter Vested. From the moment an employee is considering a job offer, we’re there for them, providing tools they can use to truly understand their offer and determine whether it’s fair. As time goes on, we’re also there for them at key milestones, including when they may need funding to exercise options, or if they want to sell shares. We connect them with the capital they need.

We’re fully aligned with the employee, not the company. And that’s not just something we say — as a registered investment advisor, it’s our fiduciary duty.


As Head of Content at Vested, you’ll create the country’s best resources on all things startup equity, across all types of media (learning center, blog, interactive product features, video, social, and anything else you can think of!). After engaging with your work, employees will be better off — in many cases, they will literally be on a path to becoming wealthier. They’ll truly understand their equity — a significant asset for them — and they’ll make good decisions about it. They’ll feel smart and empowered. They’ll know what they need to do.

To that end, you will:
  • Set a comprehensive content marketing strategy and execute on it
  • Build and manage a team, but get your hands dirty executing as well
  • Create the voice of the company
  • Build a growing body of engaging, authoritative content that educates and empowers
  • Bring our subject matter to life in ways both traditional and innovative
  • Create brass tacks educational articles, but also set us apart with other content that is truly unique — the kind that leaves an impression, that other brands aspire to
  • Use analytics tools to measure and report on the performance of your work
  • Work with designers, developers, animators, illustrators, photographers, video producers, and anyone else you need to in order to get the job done


  • You have 5+ years of experience in content marketing, writing, or journalism
  • You’re an exceptional writer
  • You know how to tell a good story
  • You understand what makes people tick
  • You have a portfolio of work you’re proud of
  • You’re an expert in SEO
  • You have experience with email marketing
  • You’re comfortable with numbers
  • You know how to measure performance against business goals
  • Digital marketing experience is a huge plus
  • Alternatively to all of the above, you have some exceptional professional accomplishment(s) that indicate an ability to perform at the level of someone who has all of the other listed qualifications.

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