Our equity fairness calculator

If you’re wondering what a fair salary is, there’s a whole world of information available. You can slice it up by geography, seniority, company, job title, and any number of things. Equality, fairness, and transparency have all been hot topics when thinking about salary.

What about stock options?

If you’re working for a private tech company, especially an early-stage startup, your equity grant could potentially become the most valuable part of your compensation. But how do you know if it’s fair? 50,000 shares might be a lot at one company, and almost nothing at another. Most companies won’t share the information you need to make an informed choice.

We’re happy to share that our Fairness Calculator is now widely available for private companies. Simply search for the company you’re interested in, enter your job title and options grant, and get a quick look into how it compares.

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So how does it work?

Having conferred with equity compensation consultants, scoured publicly accessible databases, and received survey data from private company employees, we’ve assembled what we believe to be the most accurate and comprehensive equity award database for US employees at privately held technology companies. We intend to be the source of record for equity fairness, and to ensure employees can make the most informed decisions possible

We start with the option award, translating this into a percent of shares outstanding so we can compare your offer to others. We leverage our data to create a current projection of fully diluted shares at your company. With this percentage we can then compare it against median values based on comparables - similar job titles at similar companies who are at a similar stage.

Of course an equity award is only one component in a compensation package. Some companies prefer to give a higher salary, or rely on additional option grants to create compelling offers. Whatever the compensation mix, we hope our fairness calculator will help in your decision making.