Plaid Acquisition

Yesterday, Visa announced their intent to acquire fintech company Plaid for $5.3 billion. While an exciting development in its own right (huge kudos to the Plaid team), at Vested we took a special interest in this story as the first major exit of a company that we profiled.

Vested provides a number of tools to candidates, employees, and shareholders of private companies looking to better understand the value of their equity. Our Exit Scenario models provide a range and likely scenarios for a private company getting acquired or having an IPO. Plaid employees utilizing Vested would have estimates for:

  1. Company valuation range at exit
  2. Price of a common share
  3. The value of their equity holdings
  4. Several probability weighted exit scenarios

These data points can be useful for anyone thinking about career moves, financial decisions, tax planning, and the like. So how did our model perform with Plaid? In short, excellent:

We anticipated an exit (acquisition or IPO) in the range of $5B to $7B for Plaid. Of our three most likely outcomes, we expected it to fall somewhere between $5B and $6B.

These are still early days for Vested. While we’re just starting to scale the number of companies we profile, we are excited and encouraged by these results; remember we don’t get any data from the company - we build solutions solely to empower the employee.

We hope the Plaid employees and candidates using Vested found this tool useful, and we look forward to helping more employees make the most of their valuable equity.

Tom & Matt
Vested Co-founders